new works
All images are copyrighted, as you know..
Field Paintings I, II, III: oil/linen, 30x30," 2017-18
Winter 2019, mm/paper, 8x10, 2019
Amid the Poplars, o/l, 20x20, 2017
Mountain Lion, o/l, 20x20, 2016
Crabapples & Horse, o/l, 20x16, 2017
Spring, o/l, 48x24,
Spring II, o/l, 48x24, 2017
In the Garden, mm/ paper,10x8, 2018
Bird paintings: mixed media/ paper, framed to 14x11, 2017-19
In the Field, o/l, 30x30, 2018
Drawings: mixed media/paper, framed to 14x11, 2017-18
In the Garden, May, mm/ paper, 10x8, 2018
Three in the Garden, o/l, 30x30, 2018
Edge of the Woods, o/l, ea 20x20, 2018
Three in the Path, o/l, 30x30, 2018
Two Goldfinches in the Field, mm/paper, 10x8, 2018
Me and the Bear, mm/paper, 10x8, 2018